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Alexia turns on her Klout

Oh LeWeb I miss you, and me in the cheapest seats watching a stream of an interview between Alexia Tsotsis and Joe Fernandez from Klout. The chat afterwards online was how she broiled Joe and Klout and then topped it off with an ask to the audience…That ask proved only 5 were users of the service, yeah right, here’s how I see it. 

- She’s pretty hot, those heels were awesome and the chemistry between her and Loic was ahem “steaming”

- She asked a few decent questions, but was lame on the whole “people are influential on strange topics” (although on the money with +K)

- Joe is a nice guy sitting on a super fast growing start-up and he’s scared

- Klout can be arbitrary but its an improvement on the real shite from 2008-2010

- Klout shouldn’t fall into the trap that Techcrunch is their customer, they are not. Its losers like me. We want free stuff. Hey everyone does. Some people tell me they want respect from Klout, jeez. Give me free stuff. Get in touch with advertisers and make sure they get loads of samples and coupons and prizes and upgrades and then turn Klout into currency. Listen, actors love free stuff, politicians love free stuff, Klout is democratising that (a little)…Get those deals done and make the score kind of fair, like life, not totally fair…

- 5 people in the audience use Klout? No way! Klout was there because Loic knows its a dirty secret. Plenty use it, some hate themselves for caring, but hey, lets move on, people use it and will keep using it. And like crappy Nielsen TV ratings Klout is winning the name war and that is what matters, so don’t screw it up Joe, OK ;) 

Anyway, good job Loic, you are the entrepreneur master of events, a class act from Europe, cool…