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Alexia turns on her Klout

Oh LeWeb I miss you, and me in the cheapest seats watching a stream of an interview between Alexia Tsotsis and Joe Fernandez from Klout. The chat afterwards online was how she broiled Joe and Klout and then topped it off with an ask to the audience…That ask proved only 5 were users of the service, yeah right, here’s how I see it. 

- She’s pretty hot, those heels were awesome and the chemistry between her and Loic was ahem “steaming”

- She asked a few decent questions, but was lame on the whole “people are influential on strange topics” (although on the money with +K)

- Joe is a nice guy sitting on a super fast growing start-up and he’s scared

- Klout can be arbitrary but its an improvement on the real shite from 2008-2010

- Klout shouldn’t fall into the trap that Techcrunch is their customer, they are not. Its losers like me. We want free stuff. Hey everyone does. Some people tell me they want respect from Klout, jeez. Give me free stuff. Get in touch with advertisers and make sure they get loads of samples and coupons and prizes and upgrades and then turn Klout into currency. Listen, actors love free stuff, politicians love free stuff, Klout is democratising that (a little)…Get those deals done and make the score kind of fair, like life, not totally fair…

- 5 people in the audience use Klout? No way! Klout was there because Loic knows its a dirty secret. Plenty use it, some hate themselves for caring, but hey, lets move on, people use it and will keep using it. And like crappy Nielsen TV ratings Klout is winning the name war and that is what matters, so don’t screw it up Joe, OK ;) 

Anyway, good job Loic, you are the entrepreneur master of events, a class act from Europe, cool…

Klout - and the big bucks

They just raised $30M, that’ll fix a few things ;) A friend from a major research said the following, which I liked…There is no perfect measurement of influence yet and it’s probably best to follow two scenarios

1.  Use the information as based in a qualitative approach, so influence scores are less important OR 

2.  Think about an measure of influence, which is tailored to the specific conditions of discourse and actors / institutions who participate in this discourse

But the main issue is that non-registered people aren’t fully measured but if one company has momentum/adoption then they will have the largest coverage and solve that problem. 

I assume Klout will now invest heavily in business development and get the perks for all geographies, meaning we will all want to be apart of their currency and then they get the required network effect and more money from advertisers and more attention from you and I…

Like I always say, it ain’t perfect, but people have influence and “currency” and Klout are best at approximating it, not equal to it, but getting closer than anyone else, way ahead of Techcrunch darling PeerIndex…

Klout’s big plan (musings)

Klout is building up critical mass meaning targeting millions of active profiles (people who log in and connect to sources). They are generating data about these people and classifying them as influential about topics and get others in network to vote. They are starting to work with advertisers to get perks to the people who are using the site. This creates word of mouth and more people join. NO REAL MONEY WILL BE MADE HERE, this is “small beer” and with nice graphics and regular score changes it is just to get people to the site. 

When there is critical mass they can sell their stream of data to search engines. So when you or I search there will be a scrolling module showing people who are influential about the topic and in your vicinity (note their partnership with Foursquare). The big three will pay a lot for this and so will other services like LinkedIn (recruiters get extra data). 

Their second model will be to sell the data to social media measurement companies but also to companies that measure reputation. These streams will be cheaper than the sale to search engines but will still be multi-million business. 

If Klout is super successful and lucky they can have their own search engine and be the first really successful people/skills search engine but I feel they may get acquired before that…

Klout and Foursquare, I know why, now ;)

If you have Klout and you check in to a location, the tie up means that the retailer can offer a special deal to those with Klout over 40, 50, 60 and so forth. It is a partnership to give value to the Klout currency, but means absolutely nothing for the actual Klout score (IMHO). Thanks to @graphicdesignNY for putting that point across…

Jay Baer on building online influence

Jay Baer explains how to build up online influence —- in short, there are no shortcuts… 

How the online measurers, measure each other…

Both Peerindex and Klout have scoring systems with a maximum of 100. But how do they rate each other? (As an example of influence, Michael Arrington (Techcrunch founder) has a Klout score of 69 and a PI of 76)

OK for fun, lets look how they measure each other. Klout gives Peerindex a score of 66, which is above average influence for their discussion areas. They say they are influential about social media, technology and…. Klout ;) Klout scores ahem, @Klout, at 82, which is “celebrity” status as their reach is over 30,000 people. Interestingly they don’t tag themselves as influential about themselves… 

Peerindex is harsher on Klout giving them a score of 35 but a very good score on activity, but low on authority, perhaps not fair, as they have authority on at least a few topics? Peerindex though scores themselves at 36. Therefore, they aren’t playing the system, its just they give a “low score” for activity versus authority. We’ll need to dig into how Peerindex measure that authority more. 

Funnily enough based on our experience of the last two years Klout should have a higher score, based on their larger audience and more present CEO, but perhaps Peerindex have authority that will show up later ;) (OK this is not scientific enough…)

This is very funny and perhaps there are people actually doing these things to get freebies…Hopefully not ;) 

Some of you may remember CNN and Ashton Kutcher pushing to reach 1M twitter followers…Now “Klout style” ;)

Some of you may remember CNN and Ashton Kutcher pushing to reach 1M twitter followers…Now “Klout style” ;)