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Donald Trump, red herrings and wind farms

Donald Trump doesn’t care about wind farms. The bloody things are miles away from his golf course and the argument against them is ridiculous. What Donald Trump loves, and is good at, is negotiating and PR.

One assumes this non-issue between environmentalists and Trump INC will create the PR he wants, the camera will focus longingly on the sandy golf course and facilities, driving lust among those that love white balls and Scotland, or just Scotland or just white balls. 

But negotiation? What’s that about? I don’t know, but once he was rumoured to have dropped his demands to name a tower after his father to get something else he wanted, at no stage was that even on the table, but he got what he wanted. I am sure there is something else he will ask for, some consideration for his future development that will come his way if he drops his wind farm objections. He doesn’t care about wind farms, no matter what he says ;)