Die Hard and fund allocation

In the first Die Hard movie, the nasty Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) is trying to get his hands on $640Million in non-negotiable bearer bonds. Being a nerd I wanted to know how he would have allocated this money across the group. There were 13 gang members in total.

I assumed the idea and formulation of the team was Gruber’s, further I assume he is thinking longer term and rationally. Still, he would want the largest piece of the action not a fair share, he would argue that he brings them into this lucrative deal. He may want up to half but this might seem too much to the group so he would tactically settle for more like 40%, but rounding it nicely at $250Million (39.0625%). There are two specialist roles, the computer guy and the head hard man (Godunov). They would get a extra piece of the proceeds. I feel they would have been OK with $50 Million (7.8125%) each. This means that the remaining $290 Million is spread amongst the 10 others or $29Million (4.53125%) each. 

Its a dangerous task, so they know some may not come back. Assuming they know that this is live and receive or die and get nothing, how to distribute the money if they don’t survive? Basically the only way to this is take the amount that the person would have received i.e. $250Million, $50Million or $29Million and spread amongst all the survivors equally. 

A further danger is retrieving only partial proceeds, some amount is destroyed or left at the scene. In this case the amount would be spread by % i.e. 39.0625% - 7.8125% and 4.53125% and if there were a few that didn’t make it then we are back to the amounts being spread across the group as before. 

In the end they all died or were arrested :)